• Three-in-one: Cleaning - stain protection - moderate slip resistance. 
  • Wax and coating remover. 
  • Excellent carpet cleaner. 
  • Furniture cleaner. 

Can be diluted up to 1:20 with water depending on the degree of soiling. 1 l is sufficient for 80 m².

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  • One product for all houshold surfaces. 
  • pH-neutral. 
  • Citrus Scent
  • Without acid or soap, without alcohol. 
  • Grease absorbant. 
  • Slightly glossy. 
  • Biodegradable. 
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No layer formation or streaks. 
  • Maintains the slip resistance. 

Water-dilutable up to 1:100, also suitable for cleaning using a machine (no froth).
One product for all houshold surfaces.

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Short video Finalit No. 40 Citrus Scent Cleaner