Finalit No. 7+ Radical Graffiti and Paint Remover (acidic)

  • Intensive remover for graffiti, also for porous surfaces, 
  • epoxy resin, paint residues, paint, nail varnish, 
  • general adhesive residues, silicone, tar, ink, chewing gum, 
  • wall paper including adhesives, marker, felt-tipped pens, pencils;
  • do not use on asphalt, it will turn yellow. 

Use undiluted 1 kg is sufficient for 10 m².

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ATTENTION! Remove any coatings beforehand using Finalit No. 5 Coating Remover!

Application areas:

  • Epoxy resin 
  • Chewing gum 
  • Graffiti, also on porous surfaces 
  • General adhesive residues and wallpaper including glue, exposure time up to 12 hours 
  • Lacquer and varnish residues 
  • Discolorations from felt-tipped pens, pencils, ink, tar 
  • Do not use on asphalt, it will turn yellow!
  • Also available in fluid form!

For all natural and artificial stones!

ATTENTION! Finalit No.7+ may have a caustic effect on polished soft stone (e.g. marble, limestone)!
You need to make your own tests.

  • Use undiluted
  • 1 kg is sufficient for 10 m² 
  • Clean using Finalit No.1 Intensive Cleaner (only with graffiti and paints) 
  • Exposure time is approx. 60 minutes 
  • Then thoroughly rinse with water 
  • Where possible, heat the surfaces to be treated 
  • Apply a generous thick layer of Finalit No.7+ using a sponge, brush or scraper 
  • Exposure time is approx. 5 – 60 minutes, then rub off or remove the coating using a sponge. Use a steam cleaner for porous material 
  • Then thoroughly rinse with water 
  • Clean surfaces as well as tools with Finalit No.1 Intensive Cleaner 
  • In special cases, it may be necessary to allow for a longer exposure time or to clean a second time.
  • You need to make your own tests!
  • Epoxy resin (No. 7+ is 3 times as intensive when used together with No. 8, 30%, )
  • Chewing gum (if possible heat with a flame, apply using a machine and quartz sand or silicone, silicone grinding brush and single-disc machine)
  • Excellent cleaner for extremely soiled stone surfaces 
  • Special chewing gum remover 
  • Removes epoxy resin residues