Finalit No. 24 Protective Varnish for Marble and Granite Surfaces

  • Long-term transparent extreme protection for 
  • living room tables, wash stands, kitchen worktops, stone tables, ventilated facades. Extreme protection against stains. 
  • For interior use only! Not suitable for surfaces that have to stay breathable! 
  • The temperature of the object must be above +10°C. Drying time at room temperature: 5 minutes. Curing time: up to 3 days. 

Use undiluted. 1 litre is sufficient for 10 m²

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No breathability – not suitable for floors, except if the moisture is 0%.

  • For all natural and artificial stones!
  • Use undiluted
  • 1 l is sufficient for 10 m² 
  • The temperature of the object must be above +10°C.
  • The surface to be processed must be clean and dry 
  • To optimise the adhesive effect and protection, pre-treatment with No. 21 Fixative Penetrating Stopper or No. 21S Pores Filler, diluted 1:1 is recommended. 
  • Using a synthetic roller, towel or microfibre cloth, apply undiluted 1 to 3 times evenly and as thinly as possible to the clean and dry area  and wipe off immediately. Do not roll on because of dust particles.
  • Drying time at room temperature: 5 minutes 
  • Curing time: up to 3 days 
  • The gloss appears automatically 
  • You need to make your own tests

If the container is stored for too long, the solvent may evaporate despite the cap being closed. This will result in the varnish thickening and the product can then no longer be wiped off without streaks forming. In this case, top up with 20% dilution.