Finalit diamond, porcelain and silicon carbide brushes

for cleaning, grinding and polishing natural and artificial stone

Treating scratched, tarnished and soiled surfaces is time-consuming and expensive. Top results can be achieved with Finalit diamond, porcelain & silicium brushes after just 1-2 work steps. 

The brushes are easy to handle (suitable for single disc machines) and can be used for hard stone such as ceramic tiles, granite etc. (diamond brush) or soft stone such as marble etc. (porcelain brush).

Scratches can be removed and matt or fine grinding and/or gloss or satin finish can be achieved with different grains - 36 to 2500 - that are used either wet or dry.

Overview grinding - cleaning - polishing

Finalit Machinery


  • Working Width: 430 mm
  • Speed: 154 rpm
  • Motor Power: 1000W
  • Weight: 41,5 kg


  • Working width: 430 mm
  • Speed: 400 rpm
  • Motor power: 1600W
  • Weight: 45 kg


  • Working width: 406 mm
  • Speed: 140/280 rpm
  • Motor power: 1300/1600W
  • Weight: 48 kg